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Accurate reporting of damage to hulls and machinery

Hull and Machinery survey work is the mainstay of Marsh Maritime services. The Principal Surveyor and appointed associates have extensive experience spanning in excess of 21 years in handling this nature of assignment. Events such as machinery damage or failure, hull damage, groundings, sinkings, collisions/ allisions, fire damage, water ingress are all events that we have had extensive experience in.

We will willingly utilize a client's particular reporting system if required. Alternatively, we have our own systems tailored to the particular requirements of the matter, including vessel size and type, claim type and any particular requirements of a client or average adjuster.

We have long experience in reviewing claimed costs for on a variety of matters for the consideration of claims handlers and average adjusters.

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Specialist Technical Input

The Principal Surveyor and associates have a long history of performing P&I related surveying work. Our particular strength in this area is in event of a technical or engineering component whereby a specialist surveyor is required to report on technical aspects of an incident and to ensure vessel liability aspects are adequately handled in the interests of the ship owner and Club.

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Assurance to the client on the condition and suitability of a vessel for a specific function

Marsh Maritime has extensive experience in performing condition and suitability surveys on a wide range of vessel sizes and types within Australia and overseas. The end clients of this nature of survey typically include marine insurers, financiers, charterers and client assurance departments.
We continually review and refine our inspection formats to ensure that the vessels are being surveyed in accordance with the changing industry and regulatory regimes.


Ensuring vessel suitability before commitment

When a potential purchaser, time charterer or bareboat charterer is looking to operate a particular vessel or a fleet of vessels, the ship vetting process can ensure that the vessel meets the particular requirements of the client and the compliance regime in which the vessel will require to work - prior to a commitment being made.
Marsh Maritime has had significant experience over many years of examining a wide range of vessel types, particularly vetting for suitability in operating on the Australian coast and within the assurance requirements of clients. We have developed and continually refine our inspection format and allow the flexibility to tailor the system towards the particular requirements of the client, current statutory and project requirements.



Ensuring the suitability and compliance of a towing venture

Marsh Maritime have undertaken many towing warranty surveys for coastal and international tows. We observe the IMO requirements along with the particular requirements of the Flag or Port State. We have familiarity with the various industry standards and where necessary consult with naval architects when detailed analysis is required in areas such as towing loads and bollard pull requirements.
Prior to undertaking a warranty survey, we provide our towing checklist to ensure that the tug and towed vessel are as close to being adequately prepared for the tow as possible, prior to our warranty survey being undertaken. Whilst we seek to ensure that compliance with the rules and guidelines is being met, we also strive to assist in the process to ensure that the venture can proceed in the most timely and safe manner.


Establishing the circumstances surrounding cause

Beyond performing surveys on damage and other marine incidents, periodically a more focused examination on issues of cause are called for. Marsh Maritime has undertaken numerous investigations into cause of incidents. Our strength is around the investigation of technical issues involved in an incident.

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The pre-eminent system for the inspection of offshore vessels

The Principal Surveyor has had an extensive involvement in inspections since the inception of the system in the Australian offshore industry. Inspections have been carried out in Australia and overseas. Additionally, our associates provide further extent and depth of capacity where a particular regional requirement or expert capability may be sought.


Ensuring that a client is accurately appraised of the condition of their valuable cargo

We have extensive experience in performing a wide range of cargo related surveys and warranty provision. From the lifting and securing of cargo to the evaluation and reporting of damage to cargo. We bring our technical knowledge into the analysis of securing arrangements.

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Providing marine knowledge and technical expertise

The principal for Marsh Maritime has been engaged as an expert witness and subject matter expert on a range of marine legal cases within Australia and overseas over the past 30 years. Our particular area of expertise is around the technical components of vessels and ships of all sizes and types.
If approached for this nature of consultancy, we will carefully evaluate the matter and advise whether we have the capability and freedom from conflict of interest to undertake the role.


The survey of smaller coastal vessels requires no less specialist experience and competency than larger ships

It is our strongly held view that high qualifications and experience gained from working in the shipping industry does not automatically qualify people to survey and consult in the small vessel industry. 

With over 2,300 separate surveys performed on predominantly smaller coastal vessels whilst working with the government and many varied surveys in commercial practice, the principal surveyor is well experienced and competent in this area. Further, we work with a range of specialist associates such as naval architects, shipwrights, mechanics, electricians and boat builders who have particular knowledge and skills.

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Bringing our knowledge and experience to consult on a wide variety of matters

Over the almost 30 years that the principal surveyor has been working as a marine surveyor and consultant, he has consulted on a wide and varied range of marine related matters. We have been sought out by clients who know that we have specific experience and qualifications in a particular area to provide focused consultancy on a particular issue, normally of a marine nature.

We recognize the fact that no one person or company can be capable to consult on every facet of the marine industry. In event that we are approached to consult on a matter that we don't feel we have the requisite capability required, we would firstly advise our client of this and either seek to bring in an associate, or to recommend an alternative professional we believe could assist them.

If you have any particular consultancy requirements, consult us for an honest appraisal.

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